Scout the Scout
Yeah, I see that stupid ass post I made a while back is gettin’ notes.

Whatever, where were you clowns when I posted it before? Oh, you sure got good taste if your friggin’ taste is like months late. You people, I swear.

Anyway, this is just some stupid ass note to say that I’m glad you chuckleheads dig the picture I made. And no, I ain’t making no more posts after this. I’m still turned off from this blogging bullcrap ever since some Moby Dick lookalike ruined the fun for me. A whale of a fat ignoramus, lemme tell ya.

But yeah, eh, like I said. Thanks.


Gonna close up shop.

PM me if you wanna keep in touch.

It’s been a blast. And when I say a blast, I mean it’s been a blast. Not a bust. But a blast.

See you guys around. Got some heads to bust in.

Oh my, look who is still alive! Amuse me with a bellydance.



((Wow. Don’t let her get you down, love. I love you to death! I personally hate roleplaying with rude people in general, and having the way she acts explained I don’t want my character to be in a 250 mile radius. Thanks for the heads up but wow, what a dick!))

OOC: Yeah, if I could explain everything that she did it could probably fill a book. But I won’t say because it’s just not worth it. Point is, she’s just bad news.

Also, to add to that, her Steam name is cannibalklok and AIM is ankhviserai. I could give out more handles but I think those would be the only two she’d use to RP, so… I’m only saying this because she’s just not a good person and I don’t want anyone else to fall into her trap of thinking she’s nice or anything. She’s a compulsive liar and she’s abusive. It’s just a warning to others, so if you see this post, don’t think it’s an invite to harass. Just a tip-off. I don’t wanna see anyone else in pain.

OOC: Okay, I wasn’t going to post this before, but this needs to be said.

This person might be okay to roleplay with, but that’s it. I’ve been abused for the past year by a person who goes by the Skype name of redscouttanner. We used to be roleplay partners but she turned out to be an incredibly manipulative, sick, angry individual who messed with me once I let her get closer. She’s nothing but trouble, so if you do start roleplaying with someone and they give you that username… just don’t trust them with anything else but roleplay. I wouldn’t say this if it wasn’t a really big deal, but she really put me through a lot of hurt that’s also made me unable to really get back into this Tumblr of mine.

Just a heads up to people.

I didn't know you were alive! Thought respawn might have broke or something. Good to see you on my dashboard again. <3

Nah, I’m around here sometimes. Don’t feel much like I used to but I’m around an’ all.

/kisses Scout then nuzzles his face/

/nuzzles back/

The fact that you and Becka are now an official couple makes me so fricken giddy! You two are so cute together @w@ (and apparently have hot hot sex)

Hey, hey, easy on mentionin’ that last part there. I won’t lie, though. She looks a LOT more attractive when she’s around me. Y’know, around and, uh… under an’ on top of an’ all that. I might’ve said too much there.

Heads up! +throws a paper airplane with a butt drawn on the inside at you+ Or should I say, ass up?!

Heh. Ass up. *chuckles* …that reminds me of somethin’ I gotta do with Becka. I mean tell Becka. I mean I’m goin’ now.

Hey, RED shithead. I ain't share my 'Lissa with you.

Good, I don’t care. I got a girlfriend now. Why don’t you stop gettin’ all friggin’ paranoid that I’m gonna steal some girl who’s desperate enough to be with YOUR sorry ass, huh pal?